Menindee Lakes NSW - Free Camping at its Best!

Menindee Camping: Kilometres of free waterfront campsites beside Lake Pamamaroo, 16km NE of Menindee. Shaded sites, toilet available, bins provided, fires allowed, great fishing, stunning views, and oh so peaceful...


Campsite at Sunset - Lake Pamamaroo

NOTE: Especially during drought periods, but also at other times, the lakes unfortunately may be drained dry, and so be much less desirable for camping (as was the case during 2015).


Take the Menindee Road out of Broken Hill. Travel approximately 100km toward Menindee, and turn left onto Main Weir Road (8km north of Menindee). Follow this dirt road for several kilometres, and you will begin to see suitable campsites on your left on the banks of Lake Pamamaroo. Although generally a little corrugated, this road is suitable for 2WD vehicles and caravans.

Features of Lake Pamamaroo Camping

  • FREE
  • Select your own waterfront site from dozens available
  • Menindee-Lakes-Camping

  • Stunning view and breathtaking sunsets
  • Evening-at-Lake-Pamamaroo

  • Shaded sites available
  • Camping-Beside-Lake-Pamamaroo

  • Flushing toilet at the nearby Burke and Wills Campground - walking distance from many of the Lake Pamamaroo sites
  • Bins provided
  • Campfires allowed (bring own firewood)
  • Great fishing, canoeing and kayaking
  • Sunset-kayak-Lake-Pamamaroo

  • Township of Menindee nearby for supplies
  • Peaceful, quiet, and at one with the great outdoors. An oasis in the outback!

Other Camping Options

1. Burke and Wills Campground


Burke and Wills Campsite

  • Follow the directions for Lake Pamamaroo campsites. Once you have passed the lakeside campsites on your left, you will see a sign for the Burke and Wills Campground on your right.
  • The only real advantage of camping here is the flushing toilets, and this comes at the cost of not being waterfront with the stunning views from your campsite.

2. Main Weir Campground

Main-Weir-Menindee Lakes

Main Weir - Menindee Lakes

  • Follow the directions for Lake Pamamaroo campsites. Keep driving along this road for a further 1-2km until you reach the weir at the end of this road.
  • As with Burke and Wills Campsite, the only real advantage of camping here is the flushing toilets, but this comes at a cost - not being waterfront to enjoy the stunning views from your campsite.

3. Copi Hollow Caravan Park


Copi Hollow Caravan Park

  • Located 13km north of Menindee
  • Beautiful grassed sites with stunning views over the lake.
  • Lovely lawned area for children to play, playground, BBQ area, and other caravan park facilities.
  • $25 for a powered site for 2 people + $5/child. (2011 rates)
  • Well set up for water sports and craft: waterskiers, swimmers and powerboats, canoes and kayaks.

4. Kinchega National Park


Kinchega Woolshed - Kinchega National Park

  • Turn off the Menindee-Pooncarie Road onto Lake Drive. Once inside Kinchega NP, follow signage or pick up a brochure at the entrance to the park.
  • Park entrance fee of $7/day plus camping fees of $5/adult and $3/child. (2011 rates)
  • Cold showers and toilets provided, fires allowed
  • Campsites may be closed after heavy rain/flooding
  • Alternative accommodation is available in the form of bunk beds in the former shearers quarters located next to the shearing shed. Hot showers available if accompanied by a small donation.

5. Caravan Parks in Menindee
There is a choice of two caravan parks in Menindee.


1. Menindee
An outback oasis, with many lakes in the area fed by the Darling River. The fertile farmland in the immediate surrounds, is inconsistent and contrasted to the red soil and saltbush as you approach.

2. Kinchega National Park
Interesting history evidenced by the ruins of an old homestead (with interpretive signage), an old Woolshed (which you can walk through), and the wreck of the paddlesteamer "Providence". Natural beauty in abundance with giant river red gums growing along the banks of the Darling River. Enjoy watching the waterbirds, and swimming, fishing or canoeing along the river.

3. Travelling further down the road to Pooncarie
Powered camping available at Pooncarie for $10/night (unpowered $5/night) on the banks of the Darling River. Pay at the Telegraph Hotel in Pooncarie to receive the key to the power box. Pay an extra $1 per 5 minutes of hot water in the shower. (Alternatively, hot showers available for $1 per 5 minutes at the amenities block in the town park).

Enjoying the Fauna at Menindee Lakes


Pet Yabbies at Menindee Lakes


Bearded Dragon

Helpful Tips

1. Consider packing:

  • Chemical toilet (or use the toilet at the nearby Burke and Wills Campground)
  • Shower facilities (or plan a trip to the nearby Kinchega N.P. for a great hot shower - donation applies)

  • Fishing gear, including yabby nets
  • Yabbie-Feast-Menindee-Lakes

    Yabbie Feast at Menindee Lakes


  • Canoe or kayak, for the ultimate Lake Pamamaroo experience
  • Firewood
  • All of your own drinking/cooking/bathing water

2. Showers
If you are camping at Lake Pamamaroo, Burke and Wills Campground, or Main Weir and require a hot shower at any time, there are a couple of options:

a. Kinchega National Park


Inside Kinchega Woolshed

Plan a trip into the nearby Kinchega NP - and enjoy the history and scenery at the same time as getting clean!. Entry to the park is $7, and clean, hot showers are available for a small donation. Showers are located behind the shearers quarters, next to the old Woolshed. The donation box is an honesty system, and is located on the wall outside the showers.

b. Copi Hollow Caravan Park
This caravan park is located 13km north of Menindee and offers hot showers for $5/person.

3. Fresh Water
A tap providing drinkable town water is available just around the corner from the entrance to the information centre in Menindee. Another tap is located beside the sports oval, and there is a rainwater tank attached to the side of the railway station building.

More Sunsets

We couldn't get enough...


Sun setting behind Lake Pamamaroo


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