About Us: Who is the family behind travel-australia-online.com?

Sometimes it helps to know a little 'about us' - the people behind the information. So here goes...

Our family of five is made up of Mum (Paula), Dad (Adam), and children Bradley (8), Jade (6) and Jack (4). We live on the south coast of NSW, but we consider all of Australia as our backyard - and in case you hadn't guessed, we are passionate about exploring that huge backyard!

Palm Valley, NT

Our family at Palm Valley, NT.

At every opportunity over the last 20 years, we have enjoyed experiencing the beauty and wonder of Australia.

We are constantly amazed at the diversity of treasure to be found in our own country - some right on the surface, and some that has to be determinedly sought out.

As a couple we loved the wide open spaces, the freedom of setting off down the road with no particular destination in mind, and the challenge and fun of meeting interesting people from all walks of life.

As a family we now enjoy these things together, as well as the bonding of sharing the 'treasure hunt' together, and overcoming the obstacles that inevitably present themselves!

We are able to make this travelling lifestyle a reality by seeking out and choosing jobs with flexible work arrangements. I (Paula) have been working as an accountant at a large company for the last 17 years, and Adam currently has a small building business.

Family Travel

We were blessed with our 3 beautiful children in 2000, 2002 and 2004, so now have the joy of being a travelling circus, errr, I mean, a travelling family.

We love travelling with the kids, but it can be hard work (as is raising children in the first place). But travel with children is just so enjoyable, rewarding and worth it. The learning is amazing and the family togetherness and bonding of shared experience, priceless.

Part way through 2006, we decided that it would be a good idea to write down all the wonderful places that we had discovered and the little things that we had learnt along the way that would have made our travelling life easier had we known about them ahead of time. When we started writing, we had a little book in mind, but afterwards decided that a website would be a much better avenue to share our knowledge.

Just one problem -

I was an accountant, and Adam was a builder - neither of us had the skills to produce a website. So we looked hopefully (or should I say, hopelessly) at one another - then promptly got busy doing other things!

Fortunately keeping notes of the places we loved and the handy things that we had learnt along the way was a hobby, so we continued on with that.

Then in 2007 we found the solution to our problem. A friend of ours was producing a website, and she had no experience either. We were fascinated by the product that she was using... SBI - or "Site Build It". It helped her every step of the way, from coming up with the best idea for her site, to building it, generating traffic to the site, and finally making reasonable money from it.

After looking into SBI for ourselves, we decided that it was definitely what we needed too. (It works for any website idea, product or interest). So by the end of 2007 we had purchased SBI ourselves, with our new dream of sharing our experience and love of travel in Australia, and family travel, firmly in place.

With all this in mind, 2008 became a year of researching our website (and enjoying Australia and our family too). I arranged a year of leave from my job, and Adam's building business was able to keep chugging along slowly without him, so off we went around Australia.

We wouldn't change our year for anything. It was a wonderful experience, and reinforced our decision to continue this life of travel indefinitely.

Some people ask how we can afford to live this way. The short answer is that we have worked toward this lifestyle for the last 20 years. My parents describe us as "living on a shoestring", and I guess most of the time we do. We watch our costs carefully, but are not afraid to spend money on our priorities - giving to church and people in need, on worthwhile books/education, and obviously on travel.

Some types of travel can be extremely expensive. (We usually avoid those!) But, just as there are many ways to live cheaply at home, there are also ways to make travel happen, even if you have a family, and even if you don't have much money. We'll share our best money saving tips! And for those who do have more money, or just enough to indulge occasionally, we've got plenty of great ideas for you too.

If you have a passion that you would like to share your knowledge of, or are itching to start a web based business, you may find it worthwhile to "check out SBI" for yourself. They have heaps of information on their website, and it may be just what you need to start living your dream (whether that be travel, working from home, or simply sharing your passion with others in a way that earns you a few dollars).

And just for the record - we are asked this soooo often - I'm going to answer the question here...

Our whole family agrees that our favourite place in Australia is... CAPE RANGE NATIONAL PARK, WA. (Situated on the amazing Ningaloo Reef). Unfortunately it happens to be about the farthest place in Australia from where we live!


Kalbarri National Park


Great Barrier Reef


Twelve Apostles


Middle Lagoon Sunset


The Pinnacles


Indian Head, Fraser Is.


Karijini National Park


Cape Leveque


Lake Argyle

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