Camp Kitchen Equipment Checklist

A comprehensive camp kitchen checklist to make packing for your next camping trip quicker and easier.

This camp kitchen equipment checklist is designed to cover most camping situations. It's unlikely that you will need everything on it! A general rule is that the shorter the trip, the less items you will need.

This list can also be used as a tent camping checklist and several items deleted if used as an RV camping checklist.

Make changes and additions as necessary to suit your destination and your family's desired level of comfort and amenity.

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Camp Kitchen Gear List

Camp stove, stove hose, stand
Car fridge or esky
Fire tripod
Gas cylinders/fuel (full)
Ice or ice substitute
Portable BBQ
Softpack cool bag
Universal sink plug
Water containers (with tap)

Basting brush
Billies / saucepans
Camp fire grill / plate
Camp oven or Bedourie
Can opener / bottle opener
Carving knife
Chopping board
Cups (plastic)
Egg slide
Frying pan

Kitchenware cont'd...
Jaffle iron (pie iron)
Knife sharpener
Loaf tins or silicon bakeware
Mixing bowl
Personal water drinking bottles
Plastic containers/bags for storage
Plastic measuring jug
Potato peeler
Salad bowl (large)
Serving spoon
Small sharp knife
Toasting fork
Tongs/BBQ tools
Welding gloves
Wooden spoon

Aluminium foil
Cigarette lighter
Cooking oil/canola spray
Elastic bands/twist ties
Electrical tape
Matches (waterproof)
Paper towels
Plastic bag ties
Plastic garbage bags
Plastic wrap
Water purification tablets
Zip-lock bags

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