Camped at 3 O'Clock Creek - Dalhousie Spring

by Graham Hazel
(Evanston Park S.A.)

As we were arriving late in the day there was a good chance the main campground at Dalhousie would be full.

Well it was, and a very rough hand-written sign leaning against the old tree told us to head out 14 k's to the overflow area at 3 O'Clock Creek. It's the best thing that could have happened to us - it was perfect! Our nearest neighbour was at least 500 metres away. Flocks of budgerigars and zebra finches kept us amused for hours.

The camp is on the bank of the creek and easily accessible. We went into Dalhousie for the compulsory and very welcoming dip in the warm waters followed by a picnic lunch but soon went back to camp to chill and soak up some of our amazing outback country.

I'd recommend this spot to any one heading out there. It's worth the very rough track out to it.

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