Camping Water Filter

A Camping Water Filter is one camping accessory well worth considering.

Fresh, safe and reliable drinking water is an absolute essential part of life, and takes on an added significance when in a camping situation.

Aside from boiling water for 3 minutes then cooling, the two main options for providing safe drinking water are:

Basic difference between Purifiers and Filters.

  • In a nutshell, a Filter needs water to be passed through barriers that "trap" or filter out most of the impurities in the water.
  • Water Purifiers work to treat the water to eliminate or lessen the potency of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts that may be present in the water.

Camping Water Filters

A camping water filter is designed to allow water to pass through the filters, normally ceramic or activated carbon filters. This is designed to trap any impurities or health risks, and result in water that is suitable for human consumption or at the very least is much safer to consume.

A water filter will also use a chemical or microbiological process to filter out any impurities that are present in the water. This will result in water that is cleaner and safer to drink and dramatically reduce your chances of becoming ill from poor water.

Most camping water filters have a filter body which contains the cartridge, with an inlet hose on one side and the outlet hose on the other. A hand pumping action forces the water through the filter. Other water filters connect to a standard hose fitting and the mains pressure of the town supply pushes the water through, eliminating the need for hand pumping.

One of the most important things to look for in a camp water filter is that has an absolute pore size of 0.2 microns. This will trap most of the nasties and make for generally quite safe drinking water, particularly in Australia. Camping Water Filters will basically remove most bacteria and protozoa that can cause serious illness while camping.

The starting point to determine the Camping Water Filter that is right for you is to determine what style of camping you will be doing and what water supplies you expect to be available.

If you are travelling Australia in a Camper Trailer or a Caravan and collecting your water from various town supplies, your are more likely to be able to get away with a simple inline water filter that connects to the hose that fills your tanks. However, this will not be the best option if you were going back country hiking and drawing water from rivers and streams. In this situation, a portable hand pump camping water filter would be more appropriate.

If filtering water from a river or creek, take the time to source the cleanest looking water, and then leave it to sit in a bucket or similar to allow any sediment or particulates to settle to the bottom. Then when pumping through the filter, suck the water from the top of the bucket. This simple pre filtering will mean that your filter cartridge will last longer.

It is also worth considering not only the cost of replacement cartridges, but how much water they will filter, and the water source you will be dragging from so you know how many spares to carry for your jaunt. Also consider if the cartridge your chosen filter needs will be available in the area / towns you will be travelling in.

In all our travelling around Australia, we have used an inline activated charcoal filter that has the backup of silver coated crystals, which are designed to suppress the growth of pathogens. This unit claims to remove chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, dirt and sediment. It also kills bacteria and prevents the release of parasites, and is reversible so it can be backwashed if the flow rate drops.

This has served us well, having had no dramas at all. Our method also involves filtering from town supplies all around Australia and carting up to 200 litres of drinking water at a time as we head out into the bush, free camps or National Parks. We then source washing up water and bath water from creeks, bores etc.

The main key to finding the camping water filter or camping water purifier that is right for you is to first work out your needs, and then do your research. Cutting through the myths and sales spin will be the main obstacles.

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