Canoeing the Tumut River - Blowering Dam to Gundagai

by David

Canoeing from Blowering Dam to Gundagai. Our plan of attack was:

Day 1: Canoe from Blowering Dam to Tumut, a 3 - 4 hr paddle depending on dam releases (Riverglade Caravan Pk on the banks of the river is a good spot to pull up and spend the night).

Day 2: Canoe from Tumut to Brungle Bridge, which is about half way between Tumut and Gundagai. This is about a 6 hour paddle. Free-Camped on the banks of the river, heaps of firewood.

Day 3: Canoe from Brungle Bridge to Gundagai, ending up on the Murrimbidgee River for the last 8 or so km (Gundagai Caravan park is on the banks of the river at the finish line).

95km paddle all up, with a lot of it assisted by a good current. Average paddle speed was 6km per hour, with less assistance from the current the further down the river you get.

Great scenery, water too cold to swim as it released from the dam, no luck with the fishing, but a great way to spend some time in beautiful countryside.

Canoe hire and drop off/pick up from the mob in Tumut next to the court house (I have forgotten their name).

Check river levels / amount of m/litres being released from Blowering Dam before bothering to do the river. We found 5000 m/l release was great, with it slowly dropping over the course of our journey, down to 3500 on the final day, which was still ok, but made for harder going.

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