Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand is a compact, spectacular National Park that is arguably the most visually stunning in Australia. This awe-inspiring park is characterised by huge pink granite headlands, plunging into the most beautiful blue ocean and is perfectly complimented by pristine sparkling white beaches. All this, combined with beautiful lush green vegetation, wildflowers and views out to The Archipelago of the Recherche, make this a park that simply should not be missed.

Lucky Bay Cape Le Grand NP


Available in two spots, Lucky Bay and Le Grand Beach. Both are suitable for on-road caravans. Lucky Bay is a brilliant campground with great views and the best boat launching in the park. It is also well sheltered from the very stiff breezes that are common on this coastline.

  • Per adult/per night $7.50
  • Concession cardholders/per night $5.50
  • School age child under 16 $2
  • Entry fee $10 per car payable only once if camping.

Best time of year

Thistle Cove Cape Le Grand National Park WA

Cool to cold in winter. Windy in spring months but this is a good time for wildflowers. We prefer to visit late summer/autumn.

Nearest town

Beautiful Esperance (has all camping supplies). 50km by sealed road, accessible by 2WD and large caravans OK. Cape Le Grand can also be accessed by travelling approx 22km along Le Grand Beach (4WD only). It's a pretty easy beach to 4WDrive on if basic care is taken with tides, tyre pressures etc. This is a beautiful way to enter the park.

Keep an eye out for Emus and Brumbies on the beach.

Things to do

Frenchmans Peak Cape Le Grand National Park

Climb Frenchman's Peak (230m) for amazing views of this wonderful park. At the top of the peak is a huge cave that you can sit in and look over the whole park and coastline. Consider having lunch in the cave. The climb up resembles the Uluru climb and is almost as exhilarating.

Lots of spectacular headland walks with varying degrees of difficulty. Fishing, Beach 4WDriving and beachcombing are also popular.


BBQs, toilets, hot showers, tables, campsites, picnic areas, shade shelters, water, information bay, walking trails. Park is wheelchair friendly in many areas.

Beach 4WDriving  Lucky Bay Cape Le Grand National Park

National Park Entry Fees Western Australia

  • Car per day $10 or $5 concession or motorbike.
  • Holiday pass valid 4 weeks $35
  • Annual Local Pass unlimited access to one park or a group of local parks 1 year $20 per car.
  • Yearly pass- unlimited access to all WA parks for 1 year $75 per car $50 concession (current 2009).
It is well worth looking at a yearly pass, annual local pass or holiday pass, depending on what area you will be travelling in. Basically the parks in WA are so beautiful that it is almost impossible to spend only one day in any one park. Given that each park will likely have you visiting a few times, it quickly becomes a good investment to have one of the multiple entry passes mentioned above.

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