Easy one pot hearty fried rice

by Kathryn W

I try and avoid using more than one pot or pan for each meal, saves washing up water and energy after dinner! This recipe only needs a medium sized pot or pan with a close fitting lid.

Hearty Fried Rice for two people
(double for 4 and use a larger pot or pan with lid)

2 to 4 eggs
1 large onion
2 rashers of bacon or a small amount of meat diced small or 2 sausages if you eat meat (or tofu or 2 veg snags)
1 small or large tin of corn kernel's or peas and corn
1 or 2 cups of any other fresh veg if u have it (for example 1 carrot sliced,1/4 of cabbage shredded, 1/2 capsicum sliced or small sliced chili)
1 vacuumed packet (250g) of precooked microwave brown (or white) rice
Soy sauce and salt and pepper for serving.

Beat eggs in a large mug or soup bowl.
Dice onion and raw bacon or meat.
Heat gently medium sized pot with lid or fry pan that has a close fitting lid.
Add a little oil, marge or butter.
First cook the beaten egg, just pour mixture into pot or pan and when done underneath turn over or pop the lid on for a minute or two to steam the top, avoid burning the eggs.
Remove cooked omelet, and place in a bowl or on a plate.
Add a touch more cooking oil or butter and turn up the heat
Add diced onion or meat or sausages or tofu
Brown but don't burn them stirring occasionally, and then add any really hard fresh veg like sliced carrots when the meat is nearly cooked.
If you have added sausages, take them out when cooked and pop them on the plate with omelet
Next after the meat is cooked through turn the heat down to very low and add 2 to 3 dessert spoons of water.
Then loosen the repacked microwave rice by kneading it briefly in the packet then open it and sprinkle in on top of meat and onions.
Spread it round fairly evenly over meat and onions.
Now add any remaining diced/sliced softer vegetables, cabbage, capsicum and the drained tinned corn/peas onto top of rice.
Finally dice the omelet and cooked sausages roughly and put this on top of the rest.
Now keeping the heat quite low put the lid on the pot and let it steam the remaining softer veg and it will also steam and heat and fluff up the precooked packet rice, just as a microwave does in the 90 seconds it takes to fluff up cooked packet rice.
This will only take max about 3 or 4 minutes and it is important not to burn the bottom of the pot and the ingredients lower down.
Do not stir the mix at this stage, just keep the lid on and the heat down low.
It is very important to have added a little water prior to adding the already cooked packet rice and veg. Put this in now if you have forgotten.

After 3 to 4 minutes lift the lid, check the top layer of veg are cooked to your liking and stir the ingredients gently together.
Serve up with soy sauce, and pepper and salt to your taste.
Enjoy your meal of hearty fried rice!

Handy camping hint: after serving immediately pop a cm of water into pot or pan and put the lid back on. The left over heat will loosen any stuck little bits and make the pot very easy to clean later!

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Jan 30, 2017
Love One Pot Meals
by: Paula

Thanks so much Kathryn for your recipe. I also love 'one pot meals', especially when camping. It's a little harder with 5 of us - including 3 teenagers now, but of course it won't always be this way!

Thanks again for taking the time to share.

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