10 Essential Items to Pack when Travelling with Children.

This list of essential items applies equally to long-term travelling and day-trips.

Having these items can make the difference between truly enjoying a place, or being uncomfortable and eager to leave.

  1. Baby wipes (eg Wet Ones).

  2. The Twelve Apostles Port Campbell National Park

  3. Zip-lock bags (these items have a multitude of uses).
  4. Nappies or spare undies, a change of clothes, and warm clothing.
  5. Drink bottle and snacks.
  6. A camera (to capture the usual as well as the unexpected precious moments).
  7. The Twelve Apostles Vic.

  8. First aid kit (including a good supply of band-aids).
  9. Hat and sunscreen.
  10. Swimming gear.
  11. Baby/toddler carrier or backpack.
  12. A favourite toy.

In addition to these 10, it's always helpful to carry a sense of humour. (For when things don't go to plan - and they rarely do!)

Having some swimming gear on a hot day, a jumper when the evening turns cool, or a band-aid when a toddler stubs his toe, add to making a trip enjoyable and makes the effort of packing really worthwhile.

So take the time to pack a few things, and enjoy your days!

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