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Glamping is the term given to 5 star or luxury camping, usually in some of the most amazing locations available. Glamorous Camping

Perhaps the greatest attraction of Luxury Camping, and the primary reason for its rise in prominence, is that it makes remote and beautiful areas accessible to people who are just not the camping type! Those who cringe at the thought of coming across a brownsnake, or rolling over in their sleeping bag only to discover a 3 cornered Jack digging into them - They need not fear anymore!

Another apparent reason for the increasing popularity of Glamping is that many wealthy and upwardly mobile people are looking for "the next big thing" to experience and to tell their friends about. There are now many creative operators who are servicing this market with ever increasing sophistication and innovative ideas.

Many National Parks and other such operators are embracing the idea of private firms operating "Eco friendly" Luxury Camping, presumably because there is a lot of money to be made, and the exclusivity means it is easier to manage the National Park in terms of crowd control and potential litigation.

Luxury Camping is not cheap, and is aimed squarely at the higher end of the market. To justify this, operators go to great lengths to provide every possible luxury for the comfort of the guests, and also to provide a point of difference to attract guests to their particular establishment. Some of the features that one could expect in a Luxury Camping Experience are:

  • Eco Tents (what defines an eco tent seems to be at the discretion of the marketers!)
  • Spa baths.
  • Fine linen/bedding.
  • Exotic location.
  • Great views.
  • Privacy.
  • Exclusivity.
  • Often have organised exclusive excursions available - Rafting, heli-flights, safaris, etc.
  • Log fires in the tent!
  • Fine dining with world class chefs serving local and exotic produce.
  • Fine wines.
  • Electricity making all modern appliance use possible.

Luxury Glamping Tent Some Glamping locations, such as Cocatoo Island in Sydney Harbour provide luxury camping in a more traditional tent. Many high end Glamping destinations use what could loosely be described as a tent, but they are more like semi permanent structures, often set on poles with hard floors, high ceilings, furniture, toilets and showers. The accommodation in many cases could be better termed a "designer eco cabin" image from:

Is Glamping a "MUST DO"?

Like a lot of things, this is a very subjective question. Luxury Camping is still a niche market, but it is growing in popularity because many people want all trimmings that it offers.

Fans of Glamping often have the income level to suit and are time poor. This along with the fact that some people want to experience nature and do it in the easiest and most luxurious manner means that 5 Star Luxury Camping is here to stay.

We personally struggle with the idea of paying so much money for what we think is an inferior experience. Some Glamping spots are pretty cool, but we would rather tackle the elements ourselves, from doing our own research on an area, through to getting there and enjoying all that is has to offer in a manner that challenges our resourcefulness and personal qualities. It also means that we can spend heaps less money, and travel for longer as a direct result of that prudence, not to mention the education and self worth that comes from doing it yourself.

Contrary to the modern idea that says if you want the best experience you must pay for it, camping in a comfortable, rewarding and enjoyable way is easy and cheaply done if you do it yourself.

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Much of the promotional literature for Luxury Camping will overplay the supposed "downside" of traditional camping in a bid to promote their business and industry. Most of these "negatives" can be easily overcome or managed, from choosing the right time of year, to having the right gear, and for anything else - having a sense of humour, and some of the old fashion quality of "what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger".

In the end, it comes down to knowing what the options are, and making a decision that is best for your particular circumstances.

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