Mannum S.A

Main Street

Main Street

Main Street Camp sites across river Mannum at night from across river Princess at the Park

Mannum is a very picturesque place and a very peaceful spot to get away to the river in the off peak time.

Mannum is about 50 minute drive from Adelaide travelling through Birdwood. It has a caravan park next to the ferries: cross the ferries and turn right and you have a camping ground with toilets and boat ramp.

All camp sites are clean sandstone dirt looking ground and are boarded out very big so a bus could camp there with no probs, lots of trees for shade and willow trees on the water edge with big gaps to the water for fishing and skiing. The waters edge is nice and sandy and has green grass.

At night the township is lit up and the reflection off the water is so nice. Mannum also has a few pubs and restaurants and supermarket, boat shops, ski shops, bakery's, servos and much more, in front of the town ship there is a massive grassed park right on the water front for a day trip picnic or a days skiing.

It is also the home to a couple of paddle boats that you can cruise on. I love this place for its oasis looking scene and it's close to home so we can go up for a normal weekend camping after a long week at work and catch some fish and have a few drinks and just relax in piece.

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