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Australia's National Parks are a part of the Natural Reserve System, and are a great way to experience some of this country's greatest natural and cultural sites, including some World Heritage areas. These areas also allow easy access to exotic Australian flora and fauna, and amazing topography and geology. With hundreds of Parks to choose from, it is not hard to find one that will inspire and excite you, but what are the "don't miss" ones, and what makes them a standout?


Australia's National Parks showcase and protect an amazing variety of landscapes. From the Rainforests of the Daintree to the Victorian High Country- from the Red Centre to Ningaloo Reef, our Parks are something special. Some parks cover vast areas and can take weeks to explore while others are small and can be experienced in a day.

The Pinnacles, Nambung NP, WA

National Park entry fees

Having the term "National" in their name, one might easily think that a yearly pass will allow you to gain entry to all parks across Australia. Unfortunately, this isn't the case, with each state having its own independent body managing its parks. This is one of the reasons that entry fees, yearly passes and park rules vary so much across the country.

Mostly it is the larger and more popular parks where an entry fee is charged, whilst many smaller ones have free entry. Some have free camping once the vehicle entry fee to the park has been paid, while others charge for camping on a per person, per night basis.

See state based links at bottom of page for more information.

Travelling with pets is an issue, as pets are prohibited in almost all National Parks. Rangers strictly enforce this rule and make no exceptions. Guide dogs are usually exempt from this rule.


Hancock Gorge Karijini NP, WA

Why camp in National Parks?

  • Imagine sleeping and "living" for a time in the middle of some of the most amazing places on the planet! You can wake up and walk to these attractions.
  • Peaceful and quiet and generally very safe.
  • Much cheaper than caravan parks and corporate campgrounds.
  • Room to move. Numbers are generally regulated and campsites have plenty of room compared to caravan parks.
  • Great free and healthy activities are right on your doorstep. Surfing, diving, mountain climbing, snow skiing, wildflowers and bushwalking are just some of the free attractions that are available.
  • Meet, learn from, and share a campfire with really interesting travellers from all over Australia and the world

State by State

With so many fantastic Parks to choose from, it is difficult to make a bad choice. Below we have endeavoured to highlight, state by state, the absolute standouts that we have discovered and loved. These are the ones that have left us inspired and wanting more. These pages are designed to "cut to the chase" and give you succinct information that can help you decide which Park will suit you best.

Information such as:

  • What are the main natural attributes of the park?
  • Is Camping permitted and if so where?
  • Best time of year to visit and why
  • Best way to access the park / nearest town
  • Great things to do in that park.
  • Facilities within the park.
  • Anything else that is relevant.

Click on the links below for the National Parks in each state.

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Greens Pool William Bay NP, WA


Sleepy Koala Mt Eccles NP, Vic