Political Map of Australia

View a political map of Australia, showing states, territories, capital cities and surrounding seas and oceans.

SOME INTERESTING FACTS: Australia is the worlds smallest continent, and the worlds largest island.

It is approximately 4000km across Australia east to west, and approximately 3700km from north to south.

80% of the population live within 100km of the coast.

SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT: Federal Multiparty Parliamentary State with a Sovereign Monarchy (British)

Tiers of Government:

  • Federal Government
  • 6 states and the 2 territories have their own government.
  • Around 700 local governments.

AREA:Approximately 7,700,000 sq KM

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Map of Australia by Tourizm Maps © 2006

The Australia Political Map shows the break-up of the island continent of Australia into six states and two territories.

The states are:

1. New South Wales (NSW). Capital city: Sydney

2. Queensland (QLD). Capital city: Brisbane

3. Victoria (VIC). Capital city: Melbourne

4. Western Australia (WA). Capital city: Perth

5. South Australia (SA). Capital city: Adelaide

6. Tasmania (TAS). Capital city: Hobart

The territories are:

1. Northern Territory (NT). Capital city: Darwin

2. Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Capital city: Canberra

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1. Tasmania is actually located south of the state of Victoria, not to the east as shown here, and the Bass Strait forms the divider between the two states.

2. The ACT is not clearly identified on this map. It is enclosed within the state of NSW (in the south east of NSW).

3. Canberra, the capital city of Australia, is located within the ACT. It is located 290km south of Australia's most populous city, Sydney.

The main bodies of water shown on the political map of Australia are:


  • Southern Ocean (to the south)
  • Indian Ocean (to the west)
  • South Pacific Ocean (to the east)


  • Arafura Sea (north of the NT)
  • Coral Sea (off the east coast of Qld)
  • Timor Sea (north of WA)
  • Tasman Sea (between Australia and New Zealand)

Australia is a large country, located approximately between the geographical coordinates of 10° to 40° South and 115° to 155° East.

Australia's closest neighbours are:

  • Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Indonesia to the north.
  • The Pacific Islands and New Zealand to the east.
  • Antarctica to the south.
  • It is a LONG way to our closest western neighbour, Mauritius - 7847km

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Some facts courtesy of DFAT