Slatey Creek Picnic/Campground 1, Creswick

by Lara
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

80 minute drive from Melbourne. Wide, shallow creek that is nearly always running except during the worst droughts.

Great for kids to splash in or for prospecting. Wood fireplaces with swivel billy hook and hot plates, picnic tables, rotunda, pit toilets, peaceful bush setting, birdsong, bushwalks, short drive to Creswick, good dirt roads suitable for 2WD cars.

The grassiest campsites are across the ford from the main picnic area so gumboots or bikes are necessary for getting to the toilets. Trailers etc. can set up easily here. Tiny Campsite 2 is just up the hill for very small groups and is only a short walk down the hill to the toilets at Campsite 1. Campsite 3 is a couple of km further into the bush along a rougher road still okay for 2WD. It is also beside the creek with fireplaces and tables but no toilets.

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